Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chocolate Truffles

Chef's Chocs

This is it, the last class of Basic Patisserie, 9 weeks of sheer joy gone by faster than any of us realised. To toast our sweet journey thus far, an aptly themed chocolate class.

Remember those lovely ganaches we made? Today they're rolled into tiny balls, dipped in more melted chocolate and tossed in a myriad of coatings: hazelnut meal, toasted almond, icing sugar, coconut (my fav), cocoa powder, or simply left plain.

Here are some pics and spoofs for your viewing pleasure.

Our Kitchen Crew

Chef Keith, World Russian Dance Champion

Nothing Weird Going On There...

Chew On This, Willy Wonka

To Basic Patisserie, With Love
See You Next Term

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