Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creme Brulee With Fresh Fruits, Baked Apples, Tarte Tatin

Clockwise From Top Left: Creme Brulee, Baked Apples, Tarte Tatin

Chef Karen

A lovely chef generous with her time and knowledge, she goes out of her way to teach us as much as she can in every demo. 

Today she brought along her genuine French tarte tatin copper pan to make an extra large tarte for us to try.

A Slice Of Simple Pleasures

Tarte tatin is a simple dessert with sublime flavors, built with the great pillar of cookery, butter. Think about it: butter in the puff pastry base, butter with the caramelised apple slices, you really can't go wrong. 

Moreover, the simpler the dish, the more rustic an appeal it has, a timeless charm, really.

Sauteed Calves Liver From Cuisine

Chocolate Truffles From Intermediate Patisserie
Gold Star Presentation! Below: Ally & Simon's Apples. Aww...

The creme brulee was particularly rich, as we used heavy cream instead of milk. All the more luscious a treat. And the baked apples? Delish! Cooking apple like Granny Smith stays firm when cooked and yields just enough to be a tender accompaniment to the crunchy raisin and spice filling.

Cookies Made With Leftover Apple Filling

Baked Apple To Go

A swan tribute to Simon's silver service days. :)

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