Thursday, September 2, 2010

Compoted Berry Soup, Poached Pears In Red Wine, Crostoli, Apple Jelly

Chef's Boozy Soup

We forgo the oven again today and cooked up some berry soup instead. Sounds good? It is

Simply take some wholesome berries of your choice (we used red, blue and raspberries), simmer them in a poaching liquid of red wine, apple juice, sugar to taste and more red wine, cook till the berries go soft, then chill, blitz and serve. Easy peasy.

Chef Gert At Demo

Here's a jolly chef who is truly full of passion and love for good food. My kind of guy.
Thinking Cap On

Hmm...What Happened There?

I can explain. My tea towel accidentally caught fire while I was cooking some pastry cream on the stove. And that was not the worst part. I then went a-walking around the kitchen blissfully unaware of the burning towel in my hand  till the chef came a-knocking, demanding to know where all that smoke was coming from! 

Boozy Pears For The Morrow 

Gently poached in a similar red wine solution as the berry soup, they will be used in tomorrow's pear tarts. 
My Plated Soup

With apply jelly, yogurt, fresh fruits, a bit of mint and crispy crostoli. 

Holy Crostoli!

If you like doughnut, you're gonna love these. Sweet dough deep fried till golden brown and crunchy, they're not too different from Spain's famous churros. I'm not a fan, though, so these were all packed up for Sun Hee.

Plates Up For Presentation

The soup was easy to prepare, and with the red wine and berries choke full of antioxidants, it may jolly well be the healthiest dessert you can make at home. 


i.e. Theory and kitchen practical exams are upon us. Not thrilled. Not thrilled at all.

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