Friday, September 10, 2010

Golden Orange & Almond Sponge Pudding, Creme Anglaise, Tulip Paste Garnish

Chef's Spiral

Employing a different method of cookery, we steamed some orange and almond puddings today. Once again, a straightforward operation: mix everything in a bowl, pour into moulds, steam, spoon, eat.

Work Of Art
Tulips are delicate biscuits that add crunch to the pudding. The trick is to work them into your desired forms as soon as they come out of the oven, when they are still soft and malleable.

Had A Little "Accident"

Stupid leaky pen. Thought I was gonna die from ink poisoning.

The pud may be a tad bare, but was once adorned with a tower of glistening sugar zests upon its shiny dome and elaborate tulip biscuits spiralling its sides as they reached for the skies.

Then I got hungry and dived in before taking its pretty picture. Doh! Now it joins the likes of Pompeii and Atlantis, where visions of its glorious past can be only seen by those of bold imagination.
Luckily for me, Erica (a really talented Korean classmate) had the sense to take a picture of her pudding before eating it, and she took the picture with my camera.

So before you cry foul at the injustice of being robbed of a proper picture, here is a glimpse of her masterpiece.
A cool perk of studying in a culinary school is the abundance of good food at low low prices. Cuisine students cook up a storm each day as part of their curriculum, most of which are usually sold cheap in the school canteen.

Tonight, I feast on duck confit and pumpkin salad. Scrumptious!

Capsaicin From Erica

Just when I was feeling homesick and longing for Mum's super spicy chilli, Erica comes to the rescue with an insanely volcanic sauce, Capsaicin. Made with the spicy component of chilli peppers, a few drops was enough to burn my mouth and bring me to my knees. Kickass!

Big Boots To Fill

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