Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gateau Marbre, Sacher Torte, Ganache Au Chocolate Noir

Chef's Gateau Marbre, Joyeux Noel From Superior Patisserie

First day back in school and I am syched! Pumped and raring to go! Woohoo! 

Simple marble cake today, using a basic pound cake recipe, made more luxurious with a thick coating of dark chocolate ganache and toasted almond flakes. Mmm-mmm.

Sacher Torte Cake Base

We also prepped a Sacher Torte cake base for tomorrow's lesson, a classic Viennese chocolate sponge, drenched in a kirsh syrup solution and covered in chocolate. Can't wait.

Marble Cake: Plain & With Lashings Of Luscious Chocolate Ganache

My Gateau

The cake was alright. A little dense and on the dry side, as it is meant to be. If I should make this cake again I may use buttermilk in place of regular milk, to up the moisture content. 

Chocolate Painting On Acetate

Another mise en place, streaks of chocolate coloring on acetate (thin plastic sheets perfect for making chocolate decoration, as it always leaves the chocolate shiny and smooth). Wait till you see the results tomorrow!

Boots, Pre & Post Polish

Removed my boots from storage today and realised the cocoa powder and icing sugar from last term's chocolate truffle class was still on them. What a disgrace. 

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  1. I want to ask something about your boots.
    Did you happen to buy it by yourself or from LCB?
    Are students allowed to buy from stores other than LCB's recommended brand?
    And what are the requirements for the footwear that student has to wear in class&kitchen?
    Sorry for asking too much 😅