Saturday, September 11, 2010

Japonais, Italian Buttercream, Gateau

Chef's Coffee & Praline Gateaus

We're in the big league now, making a proper gateau, aka cake today: 3 layers of japonais sandwiched between thin layers of Italian buttercream, decorated with more cream and tempered chocolate. Impressive, huh?

Chef Karen Making Meringue

Piping Japonais Discs, Whipping Buttercream

Regarding buttercream: It's gross. I do love butter, I do love freshly whipped cream, but never the twain shall meet. Some may argue the point, but to each its own, I personally find the cream way too rich and greasy for my taste buds, really. 

Array Of Gateaus & Macaroons

The macaroons may look tiny but even as such a mere morsel some of us still found the buttercream a tad ovewhelming.

The Power Of Bleach

Class Says Hi!

Top 3: My Works Of Art. Very Pleased I Am. :)
Bottom: Smital's Geometry Gateau, Erica's Tower

Petit Fours From An LCB Function

Mmm, Opera! Can't wait to make that in Intermediate Patisserie!

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