Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rum Ganache, Milk Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Kirsch Ganache, Chocolate Moulding

Chef Gurt's Shiny Chocs

Probably in view of tomorrow's assessment, today's class was relatively laid back, meant to calm our nerves, maybe? We made 3 different chocolate ganaches, by adding warm cream to chocolate buttons, stirring to melt, and chilled. That's all there is to ganache, folks. They will be set aside for Saturday where they will be made into truffles. 

Cute Bum

Ganache all done, we tampered more chocolate to fill the figurine moulds with, the entire process being more fun than work, really. A waiting game we played, for the moulded chocolate to set so they can be un-moulded and filled with even more chocolate.

My Figurines

A Kiss For A Prince

Prince Charming never showed. The fairy tale's a fraud. I got upset. I ate the frog.

Erica's Cheeky Cheeks

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