Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pear Bourdaloue, Baked Rhubarb, French Style Rice Pudding

Chef's Pear Bourdaloue

Just when I think nothing can top last week's Poached Pear Tarts, we made another French classic today, the Pear Bourdaloue, a deceptively simple tart which, dare I say it, was just as good it's drunkard counterpart, if not better. 

Warm, Moist, Delish!

It all comes down to personal preference. Though a fan of custardy Creme Patisserie, the Pear Bourdaloue, filled solely and generously with almond cream, swung my vote instantly. Topped with sliced poached pears, it all goes into the oven to be baked at the same time. Like I said, deceptively simple.

The result is the most heavenly treat - so long as you do not over bake the tart - as the almond cream melts into an almost lava-like consistency. Luscious, sweet and fragrant, all things I love about almond cream is only heightened in its warm and molten state. The pears with their funky grainy texture and mild sweetness play the perfect foil to the rich paste and crisp shell. 

Chef's Rice Pudding

Oh yes, I haven't forgotten about the rice pudding. As easy to make as porridge, the key to really good pudding is to be generous with the cream and butter. And Lots of them. I know some people cannot stand the taste of the humble pud (Simon thinks rice as dessert just ain't right), but for me, any chance to have a main dish staple, i.e. rice, as dessert deserves applause and greedy devour. 

My Pear Bourdaloue

Rice & Rhubarb

In addition to the cream and butter (small wonder the French are such happy people, as I've always said, fat is flavor and your friend) we also added cinnamon and vanilla beans to the pud, and served it with some easy-peasy baked rhubarb: rhubarb, cinnamon, brown sugar, baked low and slow.

A Pear Feast

Good On Its Own

A week later, the tart stayed as good as the day it came out of the oven. The pastry shell may have lost some of its crisp factor, but warmed up in the oven, eaten on its own or with some vanilla ice-cream, it's the tart that keeps on giving.

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