Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raspberry Mousse Gateau

Chef's Gateau

A timeless patisserie staple, Raspberry Mousse Gateau is a classic cake-and-mousse collaboration whose flavor can be easily manipulated to suit your taste: chocolate, blueberry, passionfruit... whatever strokes your Buddha, my good people.

Stenciling Jaconde

We used a silpat with an indented pattern to create a decorative jaconde for the perimeter of said cake. Tulip paste colored with cocoa powder is layer into the indents, but any food color of your choice may be used if you prefer pastel to brown. If you haven't got one of them fancy $170(!) silpats you can go freehand with the designs, with pretty good results too.

Next, jaconde sponge is poured on to completely cover the tulip base. When baked it is turned over to reveal the patterns  and cut into strips and discs to build the cake base.

Jaconde, Raspberry Mousse, Glaze

A cake ring is lined with the jaconde and filled with raspberry mousse. This will go into the chill chest to set, before a shiny glaze of raspberry puree and gelatin is poured on top. And Voila! You have made cake.

Mini Berry


I'm pleased with my jaconde. Initially going for a retro purple-green-choco theme, I somehow ended up with with a funky 70's sweatshirt design, which is cool, it fits the overall look anyway. Check out the reflection of my white chocolate curls on the glaze!

The gateau was light on account of it being 90% mousse i.e. 80% air, the jaconde provided structure and a little sweetness, the glaze a slight tart and some kick, and finally white chocolate which I find to be the perfect pairing for berries. This is one gateau I can easily polish off on my own.


Rainbow Swirls


  1. can u send me the high definition pics, so i can have my cake (on my screen-saver) and eat it too...!

  2. Sure thing! Which picture would you like to salivate to? If you would like a copy of any recipe shown on this website, just send an email to Chef Ally and she will gladly comply! :)

  3. Not that i enjoy inflicting torture upon myself, but the Whimsical pics and Rainbow swirls pics will do for the next couple of days... i appreciate your generosity... =)

  4. Such a late reply...I'm ashamed! But done! Just sent them to ya! :)

  5. So glad I found this site again!!! Such a joy to look at the pictures of pastry arts done so well!!! Giving me incentive to get back into the kitchen!!! Graduated Johnson & Wales 90' sous chef for a while, but, got out of the kitchen....not cooking professionally at all, but do a lot of entertaining for the office I work in.