Saturday, March 26, 2011

Afternoon Tea 2

Our Delectable Spread

It's our turn to host Afternoon Tea: the week leading up to today was spent practicing our prep which had to be completed in record time on service day.

I find this menu more appealing than the last: smoked salmon and roast beef sandwiches "loosely" translates to extra treats for the chefs, and with the previous week's experience, our petit fours came out extra petit and adorable.

Sizzlin' Beef

For a pastry chef, I really dig my meat and fell in love with the huge cut of cow flesh we were given; and can there be any sound sweeter than that of meat sizzling on a hotplate? *swoon*


Soft Roll With Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive
Mini Baps With Rare Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream & Rocket

Rye & Linseed With Brie, Cranberry & Pea Sprouts


Breton With Caramelized Chibouste

Lemon Tart With Fresh Fruits
Date Scones With Double Cream & Raspberry Jam


Dark Chocolate Mousse With Chocolate Shavings


Gateau Concorde (Gluten Free)


Fruit Plate


The Crepes Crew: Me, Sunny Smiles Smital, The Talented Erica
Fighting Over The Grand Marnier

I scored a job on the crepes station, which was as close to cooking as one can be on the service floor. With me are Erica and Jing, and Smital as our trusty assistant. :)

Caramelizing Sugar, Butter, Lemon & Orange Juice
Preparing To Flambee With Grand Marnier (Photographer Simon Backing Up For Safety)


Voila! So Worth The Torched Eyebrows

After Service Wedgie :p

Winding Down With Drinks & Food

Ivan The Terrible
(Just Kidding, He Was Great!)


  1. Looks amazing!! I suddenly have a craving for Petit Fours :-)

  2. Is the afternoon tea open for public?

  3. wow! what a spread! the lemon tart looks phenomenal with the caramelised meringue topping and the glaced strawberry slices that seem to be almost spilling over!

  4. EatAllTheThings: Yes Petit Fours are so irresistibly tiny and cute, they ARE meant to be enjoyed in large quantities and with even larger abandonment!

  5. Fluffy: It is probably the best (and unfairly so) kept secrets of Sydney, the afternoon tea is indeed opened to the public!

    We have 4 seasons a year (like the Milan Fashion Calendar), 4 sittings each time. Details can best be sourced by contacting LCB Sydney directly and RSVP up to MONTHS in advance!

  6. Travellingfoodie: Yikes, the berries on the tarts ARE spilling over! Still, it does look phenomenal doesn't it? :p (Bruleed meringue is my fav part too!) But with the heat and rush and transportation from kitchen to service the fruits fell from their former heights of glory. But the taste was still amazing. :)

  7. haha i find myself coming back to this post again and I couldn't help but still "OMG-ing" over all the desserts! I'll probably find myself wondering back here again to ogle at them pretty soon...