Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scones Nature, Creme Chantilly

Chef's Creations

A get-to-know-thy-neighbours, get-to-know-thy-kitchen, try-not-to-stab-or-burn-yourself class, we flagged off the semester with the basics, and you cannot get more basic then with the cupboard staple, scones.

Creme Chantilly

Probably my third attempt in recorded history, and second successful go. Good start.

I Am Beautiful...No Matter What They Say

Now, the scones I've seen on shows such as "Naked Chef" and "River Cottage" champion the barely-mixed, almost-there dough method, which was not nearly the case in class. We kneaded the dough a little more than the biblical shows command, achieving a smooth and still baby bottom soft result. 

Mine turned out slightly burnt, for which I wholly and grudgingly blame the kitchen oven. Temperamental thing. Saving grace was the crumb, which managed to survive the nuke and still emerge soft and light. 

Heavenly Pairing

Fondant Piping

Some piping practice while the oven burnt my lovely scones, which begs for more practice.

Update: 3 weeks on 3 bags full of the scones sit untouched in my fridge. Scones really only taste divine moments after they come out of the oven, after which they harden to a sorry, solid mass. But I have no heart to throw them out. Maybe, one fine spring day, I'll take them to the park to feed to the birds. Or pelt them to death with my terrible aim.

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