Thursday, November 25, 2010

White Chocolate Fudge, Truffles

Orbs Of Chocolatey Goodness

A breezy mise en place for tomorrow's Croquembouche: a towering French celebration cake especially popular at weddings, traditionally made with profiteroles coated in caramel, which lends its resounding crunch to the name croque en bouche, 'crunch in the mouth'.

Croquembouche may be made with chocolate truffles, which keeps better than profiteroles and in my opinion a far wiser choice. Surely you're not getting hitched without chocolate?!?

Cooking & Settling Fudge

We also made fudge...ahh...erm...nah...I don't like fudge. *shakes head in disgust*. Not only do I find it way too sweet, it's so sticky that the overpowering sweetness lingers in your mouth and refuses to go away even after you've drowned 20 pints of water. Even then there will still be bits of it stuck on your teeth and you try to pry it out with your tongue for hours without success before it finally dissolve, but not without leaving you with a sore tongue and a mouthful rotten teeth. So...nah, I don't like fudge.

For those of youse who can not only stand the sweet confection but even enjoy it, here's what you do: boil sugar, glucose and cream until 117'C, add white chocolate and butter, mix and pour into moulds to set. Slice into tiny tiny portions before consuming, if you must.

 Piping Ganache

We made 3 different ganache for the truffles: dark chocolate coffee, milk chocolate kirsch, and white chocolate orange cointreau. Needless to say, flavor with coffee, kirsch and cointreau to your liking, as did I.

The ganaches are then piped into ready-made chocolate shells (what did I tell ya, it doesn't get any easier than this), sealed with tampered chocolate and set aside for tomorrow.

Witch's Hat

For the base we made a cone of chocolate, a shell really, but I made mine out of solid chocolate. With chocolate, you can go the whole hog.

My Chocolate Blossoms

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