Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pate A Choux, Profiteroles

Chef's Creations

This week is all about choux pastry, a light pastry dough that starts out in a pot as opposed to the trusty Kitchen Aid, where flour, water, butter and eggs are cooked to form a paste, or panada. This is turn is finally baked on high heat for the water in the panada to turn into steam. Steam, my friends, is what gives the paste lift and its trademark hollow center, a perfect vessel for holding luscious creams and fillings.

Today we started with some profiteroles. Think mini cream puffs without the custard cream center but whipped cream in its stead.

Profiterole Army

We had to top our profiteroles with tampered chocolate and fondant, in the ratio of 50-50. I deviated from that only so slightly and made 97 chocolate and 3 fondants (for the sake of trying). Close enough. 

Roles & Roles Galore

Pretty daisy pink ain't for me, so I went with the royal purple. Funky. They don't keep as well though, being made almost entirely out of sugar and eventually melting into the pastry - not a pretty sight. The chocolate covered ones did not last long either, but for entirely different reasons, you understand. ;)

My Chocolate Babies

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  1. I'm not a pinkie nor purply when it comes to food. I would love to have the chocs ones pretty please? :) Yum...