Friday, August 27, 2010

Brioche Parisienne, Nanterre, Tressee, A Tete

Chef's Roll Call

A brioche is a rich, sweet dough, made by adding 4 truckloads of butter, 3 buses full of full fat milk, 20 dozens eggs and a tub of sugar to lean, or simple bread, dough. Perfect for a light and healthy breakfast. 

Donuts, Nanterre

If that's not enticing enough to the habitual dieter, why not deep fry the brioche in a potful of hot fat and make heavenly donuts out of them? 

Shaped into different forms they are a great hit with the kids too. Filled with homemade hazelnut paste and chocolate ganache, they transform into the perfect dessert to round off your donut dinner with. 


For the traditionalist, simply roll out 2 balls of dough, stick 1 atop the other and bake plain. Serve with cold butter slices and raspberry jam, the perfect high tea delight.

The great Haul

There's something about working with dough that I thoroughly enjoy, as you can tell from the massive amount of products I got from the 1 simple recipe.

The big ball on the top right is a snail, made with rolls of brioche dough wrapped around so much hazelnut paste and chocolate ganache I thought it was gonna explode in the oven. 

Tressee & The Lot

What Lies Beneath

Donuts For Sun Hee

Coz I'm no fan of donuts and she loves them waaayyy more than I do. 

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