Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pate A Choux, Mousseline Pralinee, Paris Brest

Chef's Paris Brests

My last shot at choux, I was determined to get it right, for 2 days of failure was driving me to despair! 

Meet Mini & Hairy

Turns out the culprit behind my previously less than stellar choux rise: eggs. My panada needed a mere 5 1/2 eggs (yes, you gotta beat the egg and add just half the amount into the mix) for optimal lift and structure, not 6 as stated in the recipe. I made the adjustment, and was rewarded with a pastry shell that raised beautifully and stayed proudly so. 

My Almost Perfect Paris Brest

I much prefer Paris Brest to Profiteroles and Eclairs; no tricky fondant to tamper, a fragrant praline mousse center and an almond topped peak which provided for a more interesting flavor and added texture to the end product.

Why almost perfect? The piping man, I would've done a bigger and better rosette piping if I had known there would be so much Mousseline left. That's me, never satisfied. 

Meet My Mini's

The end product was also much richer and heavier, as the Mousseline was made with 50% BUTTER. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Fridge Overload

Ah yes, my poor fridge groaning under the weight of my baking. :p


  1. Everything youve made there looks really good!!

  2. Heehee, thanks! We make them faster than we can finish eating so most of the time they just go to the neighbours. Let me know the next time you're in the neighbourhood and I'll drop you a batch or two!