Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orientation Day

Getting Suited Up

So it begins! My first steps into Le Cordon Bleu and the gloriously sweet world of Patisserie.

Orientation was a gentle introduction into the regiments of school life: long lines to stand in, forms to fill, talks to attend, and over a hundred unfamiliar faces to get acquainted with. You would probably imagine me jumping with excitement, which wasn't the case. Strangely enough I felt underwhelmed by the entire exercise, experiencing mini episodes of muted excitement at best. 

On the agenda was collection of my chef's uniform: coat, pants, hat, scarf, apron and washcloth. I also got my boots earlier in the week: Rossi's, an Aussie favourite. But the best part has yet to come.

Knives Oh Shiny Knives

Aren't they a beaut! We all had to buy a standard toolkit that came with more weapons for Cuisine then Patisserie, quite ridiculous, if you ask me, as the knives cost a bomb. And though I acknowledge my baking skills aren't quite up to scratch yet, surely my cakes do not require a cleaver to hack through?!? 

I do love my palettes though. :p

Pastry Gear & Knife Guards

Now we're talking. Piping bags, 12 nozzles, scraper, meat thermometer (seriously??)...

Have I mentioned the knife guards come with velvet lining?


Last but least thrillingly, books. 1 recipe book for the kitchen, the other 2 for theory classes. I just can't seem to get away with not studying. 

Next week, classes commence. Wish me luck, folks!


  1. Im curious about the knives... =p they look too lethal to be used by chefs. U sure they are standard issue at LCB?

  2. Hi There,
    Just came upon your blog while doing some research, as I'll be starting at LCB in Ottawa next month. Have a few questions I wanted to ask you. Would love if I can email you.
    Can you let me know how we can connect?
    Or perhaps you can email me at