Friday, February 18, 2011

Nougat De Montélimar, Gianduja, Marzipan Apples & Pears, Preserved Fruit Peel

Chef's Petit Fours, Marzipan Fruits
Nougat De Montélimar

We round off yesterday's mise en place with a few finishing touches, but first...

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Enrobing Sliced Nougat In Dark Chocolate - Valrhona, No Less!

Finishing With Cocoa Butter For Shine & Longer Shelf Life

Slicing Pâtes De Fruits.
Impressive Guitar Cutter, Huh?

Finishing Gianduja With Chocolate Piping
Spray Painting Marzipan Fruits

Preserved Orange Peels, Hung Out To Dry...Finally


That praline was so worth waiting for: irrationally rich and creamy with an Earth-shattering CRUNCH, Ooo-la-lah! We protested when the slab was cut into such tiny morsels, but let me tell ya, with something this good, a little goes a long way.

The nougat was an sweet surprise, but not diabolically sweet; in its stead was a mild sweetness from the honey punctuated with crunch and fragrance of the roasted nuts. For the first time I actually enjoyed nougat, and won't hesitate to recreate this recipe again should the craving hit.

All said and done, it should be noted that these sugary treats were made and tasted greedily devoured at 10 in the morning. Suffice to say, some of us felt oh so sick right after. :p

My Party Platter

Nougat Bars

Can You Guess What This Is?
Clue: I Didn't Do A Good Job! :p

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