Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"That's Damn Good Fudge!"

 Prime Ministerial Endorsement

So exclaims the Prime Minister. That's right, good people, the PM of Australia (!!) Julia Gillard loved my fudge! How it came to be I am not free to divulge, but if your curiosity's piqued, drop me an note and I may just Wikileak it to ya. ;p

I was over the moon when I heard about the rave review, and if that's not enough, dear ole Simon sent over this sound clip. 

If you'd still like to know how this all happened, here's a little clue for your inquisitive mind.

 PM Julia Gillard, MY FUDGE, Simon


  1. Bravo! Good job darling! So proud of you... *good job to Simon too! LOL

  2. D'oh. The player wouldn't play for me - but that's ringing endorsement! You should..uh..share that fudge around..

  3. Lisa: Thanks! And a pat on the back for dear Simon is in order!

    Forager: Doh indeed, I'm trying to upload a better version, PM's ringing endorsement in a rap, Dr Dre style. Fingers crossed!